Deflationary loan system

This is a deflationary reward system where loans locked are rewarded through every sell, buy and transactions on the smart contract

In every transaction, 2% is destroyed and 8% is distributed to wallets with locked loans. Every loan expires in 30days and every loan cut attracts 20% penalty.

Main problem of the
current market?

  • Lack of transparency

    Hiding and non-verifiction of source codes is one of the ways current platforms keep their users at their mercy by not making their source codes open to the public, this puts investors at risk and they could be gamed at anytime.

  • No high passive income source

    Most platforms offer some kind of returns to users or investors, however, they do this with little returns that ties the investors down for longer than they would have wanted before they make a decent profit.

  • Favours only expert and big traders

    Current platforms are built with no much consideration of the newbies and little traders. One has to have large capital to be able to made a decent profit and have some very good skills set to target the buy entries properly.

Our solution

LoanBurst is built on the ethereum blockchain with an open source to code to show there are no hidden games or backdoors on the platform, and to allow for public auditing. All data are made available on github and also on etherscan.

LoanBurst gives passive income to its users through the lending DAPP in more ways than one. Lenders are able to earn from every single transfer made on the platform, be it a buy or sell, even on regular transfers between wallets. With a track record of over $50,000 being traded everyday, lenders are sure guaranteed to be well rewarded for keeping up the value of LBurst through lending.

LoanBurst ecosystem is designed to not just favour expert traders, but newbies as well who may not know the right direction of market in terms of buy dip, sell high principle. They can just lend and be guaranteed profits. This makes it a win win for everyone.

Why LoanBurst is different



LoanBurst is an open source project. All our codes are verified and are open for public use on github.

Easy to use app

Easy to use app

Utilizing the power of the global community and the sharing economy to tear down the barriers and revolutionize the old & inefficient financial systems.



We support different wallets.Imtoken, Trustwallet, Metamask, Coinbase and all web3 enabled browser wallets.


Experienced Team

Our team have worked in different legitimate projects and are well experienced.

Token details

Total amount of LBurst released is 999,000. 75% is available for tokensale. No additional token releases will take place.The remaining tokens are locked in liquidity pool .

Ticker LBurst
Platform Ethereum
Token Name LoanBurst
Available for sale 750,000
Presale Price 0.00022 ETH
Hard Cap 150 ETH